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Gardon Securities has a number of online services to help you with any questions or requests that you might have about our security systems.

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Below are some frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. Read the answers below and feel free to contact us with additional questions.

How can I test my alarm system?

Our customers and staff want to make sure your devices are detecting and that alarm signals are received at the monitoring station. First, contact Gardon Securities’ rapid response monitoring station to let us know you are testing the system; you’ll need your account number or password. Make sure the ready light is on, and arm the alarm. Exit as you normally would and wait for the delay to expire. Then re-enter the premises without disarming the alarm and test each sensor, activating it by opening windows, walking around, etc. When you have tested it, turn off the system with your code. Finally, call us to verify that we received your signals.

I’m going on vacation. What should I do before I leave?

Contact our Rapid Response Monitoring Station to advise us that you will be away. Provide us with your key-holder information (who will be in the home while you’re away, if applicable), as well as a phone number where you can be reached on vacation should there be a problem. Make sure anyone watching the house knows how to use the system and has a valid user code and password.