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monitoringGardon Securities offers the best security system products and services in the Yorkton, Saskatchewan area. Please take a look below at what we have to offer.

24/7 Monitoring

Gardon Securities offers 24/7 monitoring services to keep an eye on your home or business, especially while you’re away or asleep. We have representatives available to assist if your alarm goes off, you have a medical emergency, or your fire alarm sounds. Through our intercom system, you can speak directly with a staff member who can assist you. We are also able to notify authorities and send the appropriate personnel (police, firefighters, or paramedics) to you immediately. Our monitoring response has saved people from intrusions, medical emergencies, and fires; we can respond faster than a 911 dispatcher.

Mobile Response

When criminals see your Gardon Securities yard sign, they know to stay away, and as an added deterrent, we have a 110 decibel siren. After we receive alarm signals, we dispatch the appropriate authorities. When your fire, carbon monoxide, or medical alarm signals, we contact the fire department and if a low temperature or flooding signal comes in, we’ll contact you and your key holders. We have different mobile response options. Some do have a fee for false alarms. Ask our team for complete details.

New Home Pre-Wires

If you’re in the process of building a new home, it’s a good idea to get a security system installed while it’s being constructed. All wiring will be concealed and there is no chance of surface damage. Gardon Securities will meet with you to discuss your budget and needs, identify the best solution, offer an estimate, and research whether or not you can pay for the system through one of our New Home Builder partnerships. Standard pre-wire packages include 3 door sensors, 2 motion sensors, a siren, and a keypad. We can also add an intercom and video surveillance to pre-wire installations, with options for remote access to arm/disarm the alarm, adjust the thermostat, turn lights on and off, and more.

Alarm Systems


Alarm systems offers home and business owners peace of mind, knowing their property will be safe and secure. Combining an alarm system with 24 hour monitoring protection reduces your risk of a break-in by 400%. You can also receive a discount of up to 25% on your home owner’s insurance premium.

In Saskatoon, there are over 65 break-ins each week, the 2nd highest in Saskatchewan per capita. The odds of a break-in are about 1 in 12 per year, and thieves usually target homes without security systems. Gardon Securities is here to help you avoid these situations and protect you 24/7.


A complete alarm system comes with CPU, keypad, siren, and burglar detection services, including door-open and motion sensors. In addition, you can add to your package with fire protection, panic, and environmental protection devices (carbon monoxide detectors).

There are three types of alarms available—hard-wired, wireless, and hybrid systems. A hard-wired system has cabling between all the devices. They require the lowest maintenance and are the most cost effective—you only have to replace one battery. This type works best for residences and businesses with an unfinished ceiling, and are installed in half a day. A wireless system has no cables and is the quickest to install, but the equipment is pricier. If you want a quick installation and have completely finished ceilings, this is an ideal choice, with installation complete in less than 2 hours. Finally a hybrid system combines the two technologies, most often used in commercial applications.

Digital Surveillance


There are several benefits to having a digital surveillance system, manufactured and installed by Gardon Securities. These video systems allow you to view designated areas of your building and record what occurs in those areas at all times. From simple, one camera closed circuit television systems to multiple cameras that provide several angles, you’ll receive crystal clear audio and video without distortion. New digital technology means there are no tapes or DVDs to change, and internet software provides remote viewing, listening, playback, archiving, and more.

Gardon Securities helps businesses improve their loss prevention strategies, asking key questions to determine the best system for your goals. Deciding what main goals you want to accomplish, which areas of your property you want to cover, and how you want to observe events will determine how many and what type of cameras you will need. Installing a digital surveillance system helps reduce two areas of theft and misconduct—employee theft and consumer shoplifting.


Gardon Securities offers several options to complete the camera and DVR setup for your surveillance system. From complete systems to replacement and upgrade parts, we have box, dome, smoke detector, and pinhole cameras, keyboard controls, microphones, display monitors, and more. Our DVRs offer entry level to advanced level viewing with up to 15,000 GB of storage.

Access Control


Access Control systems from Gardon Securities give you, the business owner or landlord, control over who can access your facilities. Keys can get lost, stolen, or duplicated, which is why they don’t offer security—if an employee is terminated or a tenant leaves, they may not return their key. Keys also don’t provide an audit trail of who entered the premises and when. With computerized access control systems, each person has a unique card which allows access to selected doors and certain times. If someone leaves the company or moves out of the apartment, their code can be deleted. These systems include a client-supplied computer with software, controller to lock and unlock doors, battery backup for power failures, reader, motion detector, door open alarm, and locking device.


Our access control software is installed and configured with a database to suit your specific access restrictions. We input the names of all employees, visitors, delivery and cleaning personnel. Gardon Securities will train you on how to add or delete names, setup and adjust schedules, and print out attendance and time reports. The software controls gate, door, and elevator hardware. Simply let us know who has permission to access which areas and when; we’ll take care of the rest.


The hardware products used for our access control systems include several components, with more or less included in your system depending on your needs. Our hardware products include:


Intercoms available through Gardon Securities are used to communicate between multiple locations. The most common use is when access is required to a locked door. The door station is placed at the locked door’s exterior, and the master station is placed at a reception desk or other interior area. The door station usually has a built-in camera and the master station has an LCD display so the person inside can see who is requesting entrance. The receptionist will verify who is there and unlock the door.