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Security Tips

Things You Must Know About Theft:

  • 66% of break-in’s are forced entry and forced entry attempts
  • Break-in occur in all areas of the City – not just the “bad areas”
  • Most Home break-ins occur when you are at work or travelling (daytime)
  • Most Business break-ins occur when you are at home (evening and weekends)
  • 98% of break-in occurs through main floor doors and windows (often unlocked)
  • Thieves target the Master Bedroom

Thieves choose to steal:

  • Cash and Credit Cards
  • Jewelry
  • Designer clothes and sunglasses
  • Electronics such as TV’s, Stereos, Computers, Video Game Systems, Smartphones and Tablets
  • Tools
  • Sporting Goods
  • Cars and Trucks or the contents in them
  • Building Materials
  • Alcohol and Prescription drugs
  • Your Identity

How to Prevent Theft

Use Common Sense

  • If you lose a key, get the locks changed.
  • Ask all strangers for identification.
  • Never hide an extra key outdoor.
  • DO NOT advertise on Facebook or other social media that you are on vacation.
  • For insurance, purposes take photos of the contents of your home.
  • Keep all receipts in a safe and easy to find location.
  • Write down the model and the serial number of all electronics.

Make it Difficult:

  • Door chains are easy to bypass.
  • Install deadbolts.
  • Install a stopper or stick on all sliding doors and windows.
  • Install window bars on all basement windows.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are properly locked.
  • Keep your premises well lit at night.
  • Install timers that turn lights on at different times. This gives the appearance that someone is home.

Install a monitored Home Security system

  • 400% less likely to have a break-in
  • Up to 25% insurance discount
  • Optional ALARM.COM with automatic lights.

In case you do have a break-in:

  • If it looks like a door or window was forced open, DO NOT go inside!
  • Call the Police from your cellular phone or a neighbour’s house and wait.


How can I test my alarm system?

Our customers and staff want to make sure your devices are detecting and that alarm signals are received at the monitoring station. First, contact Gardon Securities rapid response monitoring stations to let us know you are testing the system:

  • You’ll need your account number or password.
  • Make sure the ready light is on, and arm the alarm.
  • Exit as you normally would and wait for the delay to expire.
  • Then re-enter the premises without disarming the alarm and test each sensor, activating it by opening windows, walking around, etc.
  • When you have tested it, turn off the system with your code.
  • Finally, call us to verify that we received your signals.
I’m going on vacation. What should I do before I leave?
  • Contact our Rapid Response Monitoring Station to advise us that you will be away.
  • Provide us with your key-holder information (who will be in the home while you’re away, if applicable), as well as a phone number where you can be reached on vacation should there be a problem.
  • Make sure anyone watching the house knows how to use the system and has a valid user code and password.
Can I control my alarm system with my iPhone or Android?
  • If you have, the answer is “Yes”. It depends on your package if you can control your alarm, lights, locks, and thermostat and receive notifications.
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